April 2 Update from Governor Asa Hutchinson and Dr. Nate Smith, Sec. of the ADH.

8,461 Total tests for COVID-19 in Arkansas 

7,836 Total negative COVID-19 tests in Arkansas 

643 Cumulative Positive Cases +59

Addition of counties:  Four new counties 

20 - children 18 and Under

183  - aged 65 and older

440 - aged 19-64

91 Health Workers  

       10 physicians

       26 nurses

       4 CNA

      (24 of the 91 are staff members in the numbers are in the nursing            


       Remaining number is a combination of license and unlicensed health 

       care workers

47 who have recovered 

66 hospitalized up 10 from yesterday

51 In the nursing home

23 on a ventilator (down two from yesterday)

12 deaths (two additional from yesterday - one was from the Nursing    

     Home, the other was adult less than 65 years of age)

     8 Arkansans ages 65+

     4 Arkansans ages 19-64

Arkansas is trending 400 less than projected of positive cases with the trend. Gov. Hutchinson stated that Arkansas is "bending the curve, lowering the apex and reducing the number of hospitalization' expected. The rate of growth has flattened out during the recent days. 

Should there be a ‘Stay-At-Home Order’ tomorrow, the following would occur: 700,000 Arkansans would go to work and to essential stores and services and 200K Arkansans would be without a job.

“We are making good judgement with good public data that is scientifically based with being fair and appropriate while still being effective.” - shared Gov. Hutchinson Essential activities including manufacturing plants must continue as well as other essential services including medical, banks, and grocery and convenient stores. Arkansas is one of five states who have not entered in to a Stay-at-Home or Shelter-in-Place. The remaining four states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.

Prison environment: Screening employees. Limiting movement in the prison. Making washable masks available to all. In-person visitation was ceased on March 16. No inmates have tested positive to date (of two that were tested).

Unemployment Insurance: Very robust and strong UI Funds plus are available for Arkansans. There are no short-term problems foreseen shared Gov. Hutchinson.

70 percent of PPE have arrived from the National Strategic Stockpile and are on hand and will be distributed.

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