April 2 update from Governor Asa Hutchinson and Secretary of ADH, Dr. Nathanial Smith

Cumulative Positive COVID-19 Cases: 704 up 61

Addition of three counties:  One new county - Monroe 

60% female

40% male 

70% white /20% African America/ 10% other 

Age Demographic:

20 - children 18 and under

197 - age 65 and older

487 - age 19-64

A breakdown by Dr. Nathan Smith of the 704:

8.5% have had diabetes 

7.7% heart disease

4.4% chronic lung disease

2,1% with chronic kidney disease

96 Health Workers 10 Dr.’s, 28 nurses, 4 CNA, and the remaining are licensed or unlicensed care workers or unknown 

71 hospitalized up 5 from yesterday

53 nursing home - 2 additional from yesterday 

26 on ventilator up 3 rom yesterday

0 deaths since yesteray

TOTAL: 12 deaths - 

8 ages 65+

4 ages 19-64

Geographic regions of mortality rate:

Central AR - 6

Northwest AR - 3

Northeast AR - 2

Unknown - 1

9,626 Total lab reports

7.3% positive from the reports 

First procured PPE equipment has arrived to Arkansas gloves and masks from overseas and hand sanitizers … hand sanitizers are produced locally at the Loreal plant

Yesterday 658 test reports of which 4.9% were positive

62 by UAMS, 144 by ADH labs and 452 reported by commercial labs 

Curfews: They (cities/municipalities) do not have authority to block commerce, but cities can place a curfew on juveniles. 

Ventilators: In the procurement chain. The procurement team has placed an order. 

In response to an AP reporter’s question in regard to Dr. Fauci commenting earlier today about not “understanding why all states are not under a stay-at-home order”.

Gov. Hutchinson's Reponse: A nationwide shutdown has not been given by the CDC… They have not made the necessary measure across the country. Gov. Hutchinson stated that he will continue to look at the guidelines that are offered from the federal level. “Our targeted approval has proven to be a good approach for Arkansas,” said Gov. Hutchinson. Gov. Hutchinson reminded Arkansans at the beginning of the live update to continue to be responsible and not be casual with social distancing. 

Dr. Smith's Response: “We are doing as well as other states. There does not seem to be a compelling reason for a stay-at-home order. We are making the best decisions for Arkansas for where we have been and where we are going… 

State of the State address will be presented to the joint session by Gov. Hutchinson and will be  broadcasted remotely … All social distancing guidelines will be followed shared Gov. Hutchinson of the upcoming session. 

When asked about how confident the leaders were of the curve in correlation of the numbers being tested. Dr. Smith responded. “We have a good sample and a good trajectory. … We have enough of a sample with close to 10,000 tests to understand the geography and the slope of the curve. Also, the slope the of the trajectory of our cases mirrors the trajectory of our hospitalizations. Although we may miss cases with people who have no symptoms or mild symptoms, we are not missing hospitalizations.” 

Unemployment: All resources are provided to workforce offices. 20-40 new workers have been added, personnel have been assigned to various locations, a third party vendor has been brought on board  to relieve pressure from the call centers and the IT glitch that bumped out applications has been fixed. 

Additional enforcement actions will be discussed during tomorrow’s conference.

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