A few weeks back I was traveling along US Highway 71 and suddenly realized I was in trouble. My eyelids were getting heavy and my head was beginning to nod, and I knew I needed a pick me up. However, along this lonesome stretch of highway where telephone lines are made of barb wire and WIFI is non-existent, I would be hard pressed to find a good cup of joe. I barked orders at my trusty assistant, but Siri let me down – there wasn’t a Tim Horton’s or Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks for miles. It was the worst of times. Thinking that I would have to settle for a lukewarm cola and a chance to stretch my legs, I exited Hwy 71 and took 71 Business into downtown Waldron. Pulling over, I kicked the door open to my car and stepped out onto the sidewalk. Cinching my frock coat about me and pulling my fedora down low over my eyes, I looked up and down Main Street and that’s when it happened. The sweet aroma of ground coffee and scorching hot water filled my nostrils and awakened my senses. A few moments later, I had discovered a place where I could hang my hat.

Atlas Coffee Company opened for business on July 14, 2018 and has been serving one of the best cups of coffee in the region ever since. Owner, Sandy Tull, stated that the inspiration for the coffee shop came from her kids. Tull said, “We had bought the building and didn’t have any plans for it. Our kids are all big coffee drinkers and they thought we needed a coffee shop.”

Atlas Coffee Company is located at 282 South Main Street in historic downtown Waldron. Falling into a leather couch, I propped my feet up and took a slow sip of the house blend – black, no sugar and no creamer. However, I quickly noticed that other patrons were sipping on golden brown iced tea, fresh fruit smoothies, and their most popular item Sweet Iced Lattes. One young lady at the counter ordered a Chai Latte and I said immediately, “Siri, I have feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Siri promptly responded, “I don’t know what that means…”

The exposed brick walls, industrial chic décor, comfortable seating and wide selection of items make Atlas Coffee Company unique but its the charming staff and warm, homie environment that makes you want to hang out.

Before I hit the road in route to my next destination, I asked Sandy Tull what her favorite item was on the menu, and she quickly responded “…the Iced Twisted”. Not to appear out of touch, I waited until I had departed and asked Siri what an Iced Twisted was…she mentioned something about the Kardashians. I’ll have to ask Alexa next time.

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