Happy New Year! Although I can’t believe 2020 is here already, I am excited to see what the New Year has to offer. Many folks will be thinking on the same thing this week: New Years resolutions. Some common resolutions include losing weight, toning up, setting financial goals, or picking up a new hobby. All of those goals are great, but there is so much more you can do to increase the quality of your life this year for many years to come.

Many of our health issues stem from what we consume on a daily basis, whether that’s food and drink, air we breathe, energy around us or what our skin absorbs. Make the resolution to treat yourself, and your body, better this year.  You would be amazed at how changing even one thing can make a difference.  

February 2020 will be my one-year anniversary of when I really started turning things around. I ditched shampoo and conditioner, shaving, scented soaps and lotions, and even store-bought toothpaste and deodorant. We also started eating more white meats like chicken and fish or wild game when available and incorporated more fruits, vegies and wild mushrooms. And, we spent lots and lots of time outdoors.

Within a year, my hair and skin has never felt healthier, I lost more weight, had fewer migraines and days of depression and saved many many dollars. ANYONE can do this! You don’t have to do it all at once, but maybe change or try one or two things here or there. There are many natural alternatives for almost anything in your home. The difference it will make in your life is more than worth the effort you’re going to put into creating a healthier and happier lifestyle for you and your family. 

I would like to challenge you this week to go outdoors more and make a healthier/holistic change to your diet. Take the family for a hike on one of the many wonderful hiking trails we have in our local area, or simply spend some time outside around your home in the yard or garden. Try a new veggie or swap out regular dessert with some fruit and nuts. Don’t let yourself be limited, explore and research! 

You can follow the Hippie Llama Mama for more ideas and inspiration on living a more happy, healthy and holistic lifestyle on Facebook @hipppiellamaboutique and Instagram @hippiellamamama. HLM is also known as Cheyenne Parmenter who lives outside of Mena with her husband Jack on their developing mountainside homestead. Follow their journey as they share their adventure and experiences in living a simpler lifestyle inspired by the life and culture of early Native Americans and settlers of the 1800s and earlier.

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