His physical discomfort was only matched by the anxiety, panic he suffered as he watched for even the slightest movement. Sweat soaked through his already filthy garments as he waited, watched, longed for something to change. More and more people crowded around, and it was becoming increasing difficult to even see the waters much less detect if there was any movement.

“Get out of the way,” he bellowed only to be ignored by the stinking, sweaty flesh that surrounded him. It was an impossible situation he thought as he tried to ignore – everything. It was the flies, the sheep, the shepherds, the sick people, his legs, his back – it was everything. Everything he wanted to change.

            The bible records in John 5:2 “…lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.” God, robed in flesh, walked through a massive gathering of people with problems. Hurting humanity that had learned to accept where they were and how they were living. They weren’t dead but they weren’t living either. It was an environment of losing.

If you are just surviving, it’s time for change. If you are enduring and not enjoying, surviving instead of thriving, existing instead of experiencing then it’s time for change. As a Pastor, I don’t hate when people don’t’ have what they want but I hate when people don’t want what they need.

Jesus looked at the man from John 5:1 and said, “Wilt thou be made whole?” He was asking are you tired of being sick. He was asking are you tired of suffering. He was asking are tired of smelling the adjacent sheep market. Are you ready to get up and get out of here? It’s one thing to say you want healing but it’s another thing to want healing. We become accustom to our surroundings. We fall in love with our sick self and the attention that it garners from others. But isn’t it time for things to change in your world? Jesus looked at a man who had been unable to walk for 38 years and said, “Rise, take up they bed and walk.” Jesus is saying that exact same thing to you. Get up and let’s get out of here. Let’s celebrate change, healing, restoration, the miraculous hand of God in our lives.

God did not show up at the pool to change the environment. He didn’t show up to make folks more comfortable in their current circumstances. But God showed up to touch a person so that the person could change the environment.

You cannot replace living for God with a beer, cigarette, counseling, or Hollywood. If you are tired of laying there broken hearted and disappointed, I’m asking that you get up and allow God to do a work in your life. It’s not time to light a candle or spritz smell good. It’s time to get up and get away from the stink. God can handle your past. He can also handle your future.

I’m praying this week for that you will determine to take a step toward God and a step away from the stink of disappointment and failure. God loves you and so do I.

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