Spring is approaching! The first day of Spring is on March 19 this year! With Spring comes new life, new growth, and new opportunity. This year, I highly encourage you to incorporate more green in your life! Gardening, hiking, and spending time outdoors are just a few great ways to recalibrate your body to its more natural self. 

This last summer and winter we have had have both been very mild and incredibly wet. Our household has taken advantage of the mild temperatures as much as possible and as much as the sun will allow. Although there have been beautiful days to take advantage of outside, they have been few. I think we have all noticed the excessive amount of rain and could coverage the last few months. With lack of sunshine, it’s easy to start feeling “seasonal depression.” 

Especially if you’re attuned to nature and being outdoors, being stuck indoors with little natural Vitamin D can start to take it’s toll. I’ve taken a few steps to make sure that I keep myself active and focussed on positivity to prevent seasonal depression from sinking in too deep and keeping me from my passions.

One thing I have been keeping myself busy with is starting seeds! I ordered heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company out of the Ozarks of Missouri. I saved plastic water bottles and jug (food grade plastic)  to use as little “greenhouses”. I started with a couple classic cold weather plants like kale and basil, but also planted some tomatoes, beans, and watermelons. Watching them sprout and grow has been very encouraging and exciting!

Planting seeds and growing your own food can be very rewarding! If you don’t have a large plot for a garden, don’t worry!  You can grow porch gardens and windowsill gardens! If you don’t know where to start, start with some simple research or check your local co-op or garden center for kits and beginners guides.  This can also be a great activity for homes with children. It’s never too early to teach our youngsters where food comes from and how they can grow their own. You never know, they may depend on this knowledge someday just as we once all did!

Until next time, Happy Homesteading and may your home be filled with love, peace, and positivity!

You can follow the Hippie Llama Mama for more ideas and inspiration on living a more happy, healthy and holistic lifestyle on Facebook @hipppiellamaboutique and Instagram @hippiellamamama. HLM is also known as Cheyenne Parmenter who lives outside of Mena with her husband Jack on their developing mountainside homestead. Follow their journey as they share their adventure and experiences in living a simpler lifestyle inspired by the life and culture of early Native Americans and settlers of the 1800s and earlier.

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