“It doesn’t make any sense. Our farm is here. Our house is here. All of your son’s friends are here,” he insisted as he slammed their bedroom door. “It’s not time to move. We don’t just up and leave. What about all of our hard work?” Her husband was angry and short sighted, but she knew he would come around. 

“Mom, what am I supposed to take? What am I to pack?” whined a voice at the closed door. It was her son. Her only child. And he was as frustrated with her as was his dad. 

“You heard what he said,” she said with finality. “We are going.” 

The bible records in 2 Kings 8:2, “And the woman arose and did after the saying of the man of God: and she went with her household, and sojourned in the land of the Philistines seven years.” 

Job 28:7-8 says, “There is a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vulture’s eye hath not seen: The lion’s whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it.” 

Things have a way of creeping into our lives. The voice of good intentions will argue, “I never intended on this happening…” or proclaim “…It didn’t start out like this.” Sin will never strike up the band and march out its veterans for all to see. The adversary will never openly discuss his benefit package or his retirement plan. It never starts out like it ends up. 

However, there is a path to your Father. God has you in mind right now. God knows that you need a hiding place from the things that are happening in your life. Job stated that there is a place in God that the devil doesn’t know anything about. A place that the vulture hasn’t laid eye on. A place where the lion hasn’t stepped foot on. The vulture and the hummingbird fly over the same desert. The hummingbird is looking for something sweet, but the vulture is looking for something that is dead. 

 The woman from Shunem was warned by the prophet Elisha that a famine was coming to the land and she needed to leave. She gathered her family and in obedience she left her land, farm, and her wealth behind. It would have seemed those things would have been most important to make it through a hard time. But God knew what He was doing. There was a way back home. 

God wants only one thing from you – He wants your time. You start spending time with God and things will change. God will accept the smallest offering of your time. It’s not something complicated but it’s a path that leads you back to Him. 

 The bible records in 2 Kings that woman from Shunem returned home and went before the King and the scripture states, “…the king appointed unto her a certain officer, saying, Restore all that was hers, and all the fruits of the field since the day that she left the land, even until now.” 

God had her in mind before the famine. God had you in mind before the problem. There is a path. There is a place. It’s my prayer this week – that when you make time for God, you will find him there waiting. He alone has the answers. 

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