Mena to host ‘Battle of the Bearcats’

Coach Craig Bentley and the Mena Bearcats traveled to Hot Springs High last Friday for their first official road game of the season, taking on the Trojans, and lost their first contest of the year by a score of 34-0.

“We are definitely disappointed,” noted Coach Bentley following the loss. “Not just that we lost but how we lost.” Bentley took responsibility for not having his guys prepared, but added the Bearcats did face quite a bit of adversity on Friday.

Mena was down five starters against the Trojans, as the Bearcats were forced to play eights guys on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. “When you are facing a team that isn’t having to place guys both ways, it definitely becomes a disadvantage in the fourth quarter.”

This week, the Bearcats are set to host Booneville, who also happen to be the Bearcats. Healthwise, Bentley says Mena looks good heading into Friday’s matchup. “We are excited that for the most part everyone should be back, and we just want everyone to have extreme confidence.”

Coming into Friday’s game, Booneville currently holds a 2-0 record, having allowed 12 points all season, while having scored 74 points of their own. “Ozark is a perennial power-house in the state,” Bentley commented. “They are very well coached, and are a very physical team. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they win the 3A State Championship.”

In terms of what to expect from Booneville, Bentley states, “You will see a lot of ground and pound. They will hit you on the edges and with the run games, and then hit you with the deep ball when you are expecting the run. They are a very disciplined team.”

According to, the Bearcats of Mena are still ranked #16 in the 4A, while Booneville enters ranked #3 in the 3A and as a 16-point favorite over Mena on Friday. Last season, Booneville defeated Mena 43-12.

Kickoff at Bearcat Stadium is scheduled for 7:00pm.

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