Cumulative Positive Cases 584 - up 61 from yesterday

Polk County's Count is up to five.

From your Sheriff Scott Sawyer:

"Just received a call about another positive Covid19 case in Polk County. Patient was tested 13 days ago. Received the results today. Patient has been quarantined. Patient described her symptoms as low grade fever, cough, head ache, and pain in chest. Almost fully recovered. Did mention loss of smell and taste like we’ve heard others describe. This is Polk County’s 5th confirmed case of Covid19. We have done a pretty good job of social distancing but it seems like the “new” has worn off a bit. I’m seeing more and more people out. We’ve got to continue trying to flatten the curve. Practice social distancing, wash your hands, and stay healthy. The life you save may be your parent, your neighbor, or your own."

Positive Cases in Arkansas:

18 - children

170 - aged 65 and older

396 - aged 18-64

A breakdown by Dr. Nathan Smith of the 584:

8 pregnant

50 diabetes

40 heart disease

26 chronic lung disease

12 with chronic kidney disease

18 immunocompromised diseases

1 chronic liver disease

84 Health Workers

56 hospitalized - down 8 from yesterday

51 nursing home - 4 additional nursing home residents from yesterday

25 on ventilator 

10 deaths - additional two from yesterday

Total 90 hospitalized since the start of the emergency

42 have recovered

Over 903 tests in the last 24-Hours

7,124 Total Testing in the State of Arkansas

Buffalo National Park - Gov. Hutchinson is recommending closure through this COVID-19 emergency until the state feels like its safe. 60% of visitors this week have been from out of state

As of April 3 - All state parks will be for day use ONLY which is consistent with 28 other states. 

Closing trails at Cedar Falls Trails and East and West Summit Trails at Pinnacle Mtn. Park. The decision was based on three factors: actual visitation data with online reservation system, bservation of day use from park staff and public and best practices from other states. In addition to day use, there will be restricted parking at the parks and Park Rangers will be able to enforce guidelines to a great extent.

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