Polk County Court House

The District Court will be holding an amnesty program beginning March 2. 20222 through April 15, 2022. They will not take calls for the program on Tuesdays, as that is their court dates. The program is a one time program to provide relief to individuals who have found themselves in a violation of a court ordered obligation because they were unable to pay. The program offers waivers of watt ants to individuals upon payments of fines and cost in full. Amnesty will only apply to individuals who call or appear in person at the District Court Clerks office, during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All contempt Failure to comply with court order and or pay fines as directed by the courts, Failure to Appear on traffic charges, and Failure to Appear on Non-Mandatory Criminal will be eligible for this program.

If an individual’s license has been suspended by Arkansas Driver Services for non-payment of fines or failure to appear, the suspension will be lifted upon payment in full. The individual is still required to pay and and all reinstatement fees charged by the state to reinstate the driver’s license.

Payment will be accepted by credit cards, cash, cashier’s checks, money orders and personal check on an Arkansas bank. If you write a personal check, we will hold your drivers license suspension until your check clears the bank.

If you would like to set up a pay plan you will have to appear in court before the judge.

For any and all questions, please contact the District Clerks Office at 479-394-3271 or 479-394-8140.

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