Rich Mountain Electric Cooperate

Little Rock, Ark. — Feb. 14, 2021 — The Electric Cooperatives of

Arkansas ask members to voluntarily limit use of electric service

immediately and through midnight Tuesday in order to ensure that

electric service is not interrupted.

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas members are urged to reduce the use

of electrical requirements by limiting use of non-essential

electricity and appliances, especially electric water heaters, clothes

dryers and dishwashers, and to turn heating thermostats to lower


Due to the extremely cold weather and the unusually high requirement

for electricity, electric cooperatives and other electric utilities

across Arkansas and surrounding states have reached a point where

electricity demand has nearly exceeded the capacity.

The cooperative emphasized that voluntary cooperation is essential. If

voluntary reductions are not sufficient to maintain continuity of

service, it may be necessary to begin interruption of electric service

to specific areas for limited time periods. It is not presently

anticipated that this type of rotating curtailments will be necessary.

Cooperative representatives are also directly contacting large and

commercial users asking their cooperation as well.

The interconnections of electric systems frequently make it possible

for one system to secure additional electricity from neighboring

systems. However, the present extreme cold weather is widespread in

the Arkansas region, making the strain on the electric grid much

higher than normal. Thus, conservation of energy is important to help

ensure continuous electric service.

Your local electric cooperative will continue to keep the public

advised of further developments concerning voluntary reductions of

electric power.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas comprise 17 electric

distribution cooperatives; Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Inc. (AECI),

a Little Rock-based cooperative that provides various services to the

distribution cooperatives; and AECC, a generation and transmission

cooperative. The distribution cooperatives provide electricity to more

than 500,000 members, or customers, in Arkansas and surrounding


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