Carolyn MacMahon

The 2021 Ouachita Expressions award recipients are: Best in Show, “Textures” oil by Carolyn MacMahon; First Place, “Dragon” Blown Glass by Marvin Gentry; Second Place, “Summer†Sisters” Pastel by Anita Bogard; Third Place, “Oak Leaf  Topper” Wood by Stephen Knott; Honorable Mention,  “Hanging Garden” Ceramic by Pamela Andrews Animal; Art Award,  “Morning Light” Oil by Barbara Lewis; R.L. Norris Award, “Genesis” Photograph by Brittany Matthews; 

Ceramic Award, “Underwater Jar” Ceramic by Tammy Free; Floral Award “Crazy for Daisies” Oil by Nancy Youngblood; Honorable Mention, “Costa Rican Folk Art” Photograph by Ann Glenn; Honorable Mention, “Arkansas River Grass” Photograph by Lowell Thomas.

“Congratulations to the winners, but, truly, EVERYONE who entered is a winner. Each person made art which produced happiness as they worked and will replicate that happiness in everyone who sees it during this show and in its future life in someone’s home. There would not BE a show without you all. Artists gotta make and gotta share . . . that seems to be a refrain no matter what medium you use,” shared Lynn Greenwade, Executive Director for Southwest Artists, Inc.

“The Mena Art Gallery celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founders, Southwest Artists, almost a year ago. We are still here, still strong and ready to start the next 75 years along with all of you,” concluded Greenwade.

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