Mena Downtown Partners

Mena Downtown Partners will be providing financial incentives for

downtown property owners or tenants 1) to make exterior improvements

to existing downtown properties or 2) purchase signage for their

downtown business. Three grant awards up to $500 each will be

made. These are not matching fund grants.

The purpose of this grant program is:

To strengthen downtown business potential by retaining and attracting


To restore the economic vitality of Mena’s downtown through

increased sales, promotion, services and valuation of property.

To improve the aesthetics of the downtown district.

Projects to be considered must be within the boundaries of the

downtown commercial district. The district includes the streets of

Mena and DeQueen from Hickory to Oak and all intersecting streets

between DeQueen and Mena from and including Hickory to Oak along with

Sherwood Street from Seventh to Fourth Street. Deadline for

application submission is Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Applications and

Guidelines may be picked up at American Artisans and Wild Hare Art

Glass Studio. These will be reimbursable grants that will be paid

after the project is completed and paid invoices and proof of payment

are submitted.

Grant award recipients will be notified by September 15. All projects

must be completed with appropriate paperwork, photos, etc. submitted

to Mena Downtown Partners no later than December 15, 2021.

Linda Ostman, president of the Downtown Partners, advises that this is

another effort of the program to promote and revitalize downtown Mena.

Ostman encourages any of the downtown businesses to apply.

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