#MenaMeetsIceland - Taking local business where it’s never gone before

“We are living the dream,” exclaimed Logan and Whitley Lind in regard to their next adventure “#MenaMeetsIceland.”  But the Linds will not be alone, local model Beth Coogan will also make the journey across the pond for an 8-9 day excursion throughout the villages and coast of Iceland for a modeling expo. “We will begin once we land in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. We plan on being there for two days and then departing on the third day to head to the West Coast. A lot of movies have been shot on the West Coast and there is landscape that we would not be able to get anywhere else. From there, we hope to tour the South Coast of Iceland where we will be able to capture the black lava beaches,” explained Logan. With the time constraints, Logan shared that the photo shoots would be limited to the names locations, but the North Coast has not been completely ruled out.

What initially started as a hobby for Whitley five years ago has now transformed into a family entrepreneurship, and a successful one at that. “I first started photography when I accompanied Logan back home to Norway to photograph his band. At the time, I didn’t even own a camera, but I was still able to photograph. I would sometimes borrow a camera or the equipment to shoot a session. It was soon after that Logan began to encourage me to develop my skills in photography and start a business. That was when Whitley Lind photography was established,” explained Whitley. During the initial phase of development, Logan provided support of the new establishment, but in just a short period of time, began to take  an interest in photography. 

“Whitley’s hard work  and talent  developed our family business. When I came on board, we decided to keep the name as Whitley Lind Photography, but we now work together on various shoots,” said Logan. Through the years, the level of skill provided by the Linds has marginally expanded as well as the territory in which they serve. “We enjoy our destination shoots and it was through some of our travels that we decided on our next adventure. Traveling and photography go hand-in-hand,” explained Logan.

“We wanted to take our photography to a new level, while taking a piece of our hometown with us. #MenaMeetsIceland is an opportunity for 17 local businesses to be alongside Whitley, Beth and myself,” shared Logan. Through the sponsorship of the local businesses, the Linds will have memorabilia from each business allowing the businesses to “go where they have never gone before.”  Whether it is a leather bound edition of Game of Thrones from a local book store, a polo shirt  displaying an all-too-familiar logo, or the latest edition of The Mena Star, Logan and Whitley will incorporate each product into a photo shoot or montage. “Mena has so much to offer in terms of businesses. We want to showcase these businesses with product placement and break the stigma some may have of Mena just being ‘small town.’ We would be able to personalize each of our sponsor’s products which they would be able to utilize through social media or any campaigns.”

When asked about future travels through partnerships, the Linds shared the possibility of next year’s destination being the United Kingdom. “We cannot say right now how often we will be going on these excursions, but we have upcoming plans that we may share in the near future,” stated Logan. One emphasis in which Logan has placed on the current project and any further endeavors was “keeping it local” and keeping the project condensed.

“Our focus will continue to be on our community and carrying out our mantra  of focusing on you.”

The Linds will depart on Monday, July 15 and will be in Iceland the following day. “We look forward in sharing #MenaMeetsIceland with our sponsors and the people of Polk County. This would not have been possible without the support we received from our local businesses. We encourage people to follow our Whitley Lind Photography social media accounts, especially Facebook and Instagram. We are really grateful for all that has been done to get us prepared for this journey,” shared Whitley. 

“We are also thankful for Beth making this trip with us. She has become an integral part of this project. We selected her for her professionalism; yes, she is a small-town model, but she takes it seriously. We have previously done shoots with her and she has always gone the extra mile to ensure that the shoot was what we were wanting. We were grateful that she agreed to accompany us,” concluded Logan.

Logan and Whitley have one beautiful, red-headed daughter named Freya.

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