Ouachita Reapers Hopeful To Begin Season Soon

The Reapers line up during a recent practice.

The Ouachita Reapers, a semi-pro and adult/amateur league football team from Mena, are hopeful to begin their pre-season this coming January.

Wesley Schuller, a 2009 graduate of Mena High School and former 3-year starter for the Mena Bearcats football team, says he was contacted earlier this year in April about joining a semi-pro football team. Weeks later, Schuller ended up joining a team called the Fort Smith Lions. 

After a few months of driving back and forth to Fort Smith, Schuller and a few other players decided to bring a team to Mena. Schuller says, "I wanted to give the people in our town, community, and area another team that they could really feel like is their hometown team, so that is when I decided to call us the Ouachita Reapers."

Anyone 18 years of age or older, or any 17 year olds with a guardian's signature can play for the Reapers. Schuller says, "No one is compensated for their time or efforts. We all play strictly for the love of the game and to represent our community." 

The Reapers are currently coached by Donald Thomas, an active deployed veteran from Fort Smith, Arkansas, who is expected to return back at the end of March. 

Current players include many men from the area. Schuller says, "a lot of them are former Bearcats." 

"We are always looking for more players and coaches", said Schuller. Players have to provide their own equipment and funds to purchase their uniforms. Schuller says, "We are currently looking for sponsors to help offset some of the costs that we incur playing."

The Reapers hope to begin playing pre-season games in January, with league play scheduled to start in March. Schuller also added that, "We are still trying to find a field to call our "home" field for home games."

As far as their league, the Ouachita Reapers are a part of the Triumph Football League, which includes a couple of teams from Arkansas, a team from Shreveport, Lousiana, and a team from Dallas, Texas. Schuller said, " We are joining a brand new league. This year is going to be a trial run for it.

For more information contact Ouachita Reapers Football on Facebook, or Wesley Schuller at (479)-234-5631.

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