Voter turnout for the Nov. 3 General Election is Polk County was at 70 percent. The current population of the county is 20,049 with 12,129 registered voters. Whether it was early voting, absentee voting or at the election day polls, 8,497 votes were cast.

The following are the complete but unofficial results from the local polls (with only two of the majority votes for the presidency listed): United States President – Biden/Harris 1,242, Trump/Pence 7,018; US Senate – Tom Cotton 7,068, Ricky Dale Harrington JR 1,319; US Congress DST 04 - Bruce Westerman 7,003, Frank Gilbert 297, William H. Hanson 1,085; State Representative DST 20 – John Maddox 7,088; State Representative DST 21 – Marcus Richmond 1,010; Issue 1 - For 4,408, Against 3,945; Issue 2 - For 4,783, Against 3,451; Issue 3 For 3,647, Against 4,424; JP District 3 – Levi Ellison 516, Harold Coogan 324; JP District 5 Troy Lunsford 419, Scott Kiersey 401; Constable Eagle TWP – Jimmy Titsworth 103, Ray Hagler 168; Constable Potter TWP James Richardson 227, Eddie Price 575; Council Member Ward 3, Position 2 Larry S. Stewart 1,086, Ed Gibson 1,004; Council Member Position 1 Hatfield - Diane Osborne 57, Paige Self 60; Unopposed Candidates 6,964.

Issue 1, a 0.5 percent permanent sales and use tax for state highways and bridges; city streets; and county roads, bridges, and other surface transportation passed statewide and in Polk County as did Issue 2 which would change term limits to twelve consecutive years for state legislators with the opportunity to return after a four-year break. Issue 3, which mends submissions, challenges and approvals of proposed initiated acts, constitutional amendments and referenda failed statewide and Polk County.

Terri Harrison shared that the Polk County Election Commission will convene Monday November 9, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. the Polk County Courthouse’s conference room to review all provisional ballots from the November General Election. Harrison also shared there may still be outstanding military ballots.

At press time, the presidential race was yet to be determined.

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