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Heroes Do Live Here….

A Message from the Publisher, Tom Byrd

“Heroes Work Here” and “Heroes Live Here”….. we see those

words and they remind us of the selfless and dedicated work frontline

workers across the country are doing in our behalf during the


Here locally, we see such a sign as we approach our own Mena Regional

Health System. The folks there have indeed been heroic during these

times, as have many others in our community, especially those serving

senior citizens, whom as we know are the most vulnerable to Covid-19.

The virus was slower to find its way to rural communities like ours,

but find us it did, even here in beautiful Polk County. If you see

the numbers as reported by the Arkansas Department of Health, you know

that our county in recent weeks has had active case counts

significantly higher than our neighboring counties, and sadly there

have been lives lost.

At this time thankfully those numbers are declining.

Now there is excitement at the achievement of a vaccine and the hope

it brings to end the economic and human toll.

Even as we remain vigilant and know that challenging days likely

remain, we can also be gratified by how our community has rallied to

support and help the tireless efforts of those on the front line and

those they serve.

For example, the staff and team at Rich Mountain Rehabilitation and

Nursing have done a courageous and tireless job in overcoming a

difficult situation, and our community has reached out passionately

and with great support to the Rich Mountain staff and residents in a

time in need and much sadness.

Thankfully, on Dec. 14th the facility announced on their Facebook that

as of that day they were COVID-19 free. That is indeed good news, and

we salute the tremendous efforts and sacrifices that have been made to

achieve this.

The list of kindness by the community in support of this facility is

lengthy: Gathering of volunteers to decorate Christmas scenes outside

the residents’ windows; businesses such as Southwest EMS and the

Hines family delivering hot cinnamon rolls on a cold day, Rowe Lawn

Care delivered tacos and fixings, First Baptist Church sending pizza,

Mena Board of Realtors purchasing two hams and donating twenty $25

gift cards for staff members, Polk County Sheriff Department and

Collectors office provided a Subway meal, Grace Bible Church provided

pizza, Cathi Watkins provided several meals, Elite Hospice provided a

pizza night…the list goes on, but is not surprising knowing the

generous and caring spirit of our community.

We are blessed to live in a community like Mena. Heroes do indeed

live and work here.

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