The Polk County Quorum Court met in regular session on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021 in the Polk County Office Complex. Members present were Tommy Floyd, Tawana Gilbert, Basil Kesterson, Margo Kimp, Troy Lunsford, Terry Scott, Terry Terrell, Mitchell Tidwell and Levi Ellison. JPs Chris Daniel and Jim Neugent were present remotely; however, due to state restrictions concerning remote attendance, Daniel and Neugent were only listening. During the voting of the ordinances that evening, both Daniel and Neugent voted but the votes have been stricken per Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison.

An established meeting time of 6:30 p.m. during the fourth Tuesday of each month was voted upon and accepted as the day and time of the regular monthly meeting of the Court.

An ordinance providing for a Levy of a replacement one percent sales and use tax within Polk County for a period of seven years was adopted as well as an ordinance calling a special election in Polk County, Arkansas on the question of levying one percent sales and use tax. According to Judge Ellison, the one cent sales tax is restricted for road and bridge for county and general use for cities. The tax was first passed in 2007, renewed in 2014 and has a sunset of seven years which places accountability on the County Judge, Mayor and road crews.

Polk County receives 57 percent while cities share 43 percent by population. Should the renewal pass, Judge Ellison shared the possibility of proposing a rollback of the 1.2 millage to zero. All road users will pay toward the tax instead of just property owners which included tourists, travelers and persons who do not pay property taxes.

The proposed election date for the renewal will be March 9, 2021.

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