Unexplained happenings at Board Camp Crystal Mine causes national attention

On May 26 of this year, the news was released that Josh Gates, star of the hit show “Expedition Unknown” on the Travel Channel, was seen in and around Mena, Arkansas. Everyone tried to guess why he was here, and Orville and Cheryl Murphy, owners of Board Camp Crystal Mine, stated his film crew visited their crystal mine to film an upcoming episode, which will be aired this October. Board Camp Crystal Mine will be one among other locations featured on a 4-part mini-series called "Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials". The Murphys were asked not to disclose the details of the show, yet a photo was released of the Murphys and Gates with a woman wearing a jacket with a MUFON arm patch. That patch was the clue that set off a flurry of speculation of the nature of the filming! MUFON is the acronym for Mutual UFO Network. Founded in 1969, MUFON is a highly organized credible nationwide team of investigators from professional backgrounds which volunteer their time to investigate reports of unexplained anomalies. Gates visited Board Camp Crystal Mine specifically to investigate the crystal mine, and film with MUFON SAT (Special Assignment Team) investigator, Chase Kloetzke, who was wearing the MUFON patch in the photo. The Murphys report that since February of this year, there has been phenomena happening at Board Camp Crystal Mine, which was undeniably scientifically unexplained, according to Kloetzke and her team of investigators. They conducted the investigation at the mine on February 22, just 4 days after the first oddity was experienced by the Murphys and their son, Josh White, who was visiting from Austin, TX. According to the Murphys, Kloetzke explained that the occurrence of the reported phenomena attracted MUFON’s interest because of the physical evidence left behind and the Murphys’ credibility as witnesses. Upon a visit, Kloetzke herself experienced some of the phenomena! Josh Gates will explain the details of the investigation on “Expedition Unknown” so everyone is encouraged to stay tuned to the Travel Channel! 

“We don’t understand the phenomena that continues happening here at the crystal mine, and we can call it extraterrestrial, supernatural, paranormal, metaphysical, or whatever, but we are ready to share it with the world, so that maybe somebody out there can step forward and shed some light on it, particularly scientifically. We plan to hold a Town Hall meeting soon, where we want to invite local people who have seen or experienced something they couldn’t explain. If we pool our information, we may find answers,” said Orville Murphy. 

Cheryl stated, “Of course we never dreamed in a million years we would experience such things. This is stuff we’ve seen on TV, now we are those people! It’s amazing to me that since we began sharing our story with our friends, one by one, how many of them have opened up to share their own unexplained experiences that they never previously discussed with us! Some of them kept their story to themselves for years or just within their immediate family, because they didn’t feel free to share, for fear of being ridiculed. Most of the people we know are people of faith in God. It seems that the standard Christian response to phenomena we don’t understand is ‘It must be of the devil’. Someone pointed out to me, upon seeing microbes through a microscope for the first time, ‘Was that considered from the devil?’ Let’s not give Satan any credit. Let’s give God the glory for the wonders of His Creation, and all that is yet for mankind 

to discover! Christian scholars continue to debate about whether or not there is intelligent extra-terrestrial life, and they try to prove or disprove it from the scriptures. We were, naturally, troubled by the odd experiences happening on our property, and as we sought the Lord for assurance, we found an article in my daily devotional by Billy Graham, titled ‘The Mysteries of God’. That article provided the comfort we were looking for and we encourage others to read it online, who may feel troubled by our news. We have all seen the TV shows about our government knowing more about extraterrestrials than it is willing to disclose, since the mysterious occurrences at Roswell, New Mexico. For years, people have been seeking the Truth to such phenomena, and perhaps the happenings at Board Camp Crystal Mine can shed some extra light, because some of the phenomena may be linked to the energy in the crystals. There is scientific fact to that end.” 

The Murphys stated that the ongoing phenomena, which includes unidentified lights and sounds, the appearance of mysterious orbs, rock movement and levitation, is continuing to attract professional and scientific investigators. The Murphys are relieved that they can begin sharing their story publicly, so that the world can learn from it. They plan to reopen their Board Camp Crystal Mine business, not for crystal digging as yet, but to host tours for those interested in learning more about the phenomena and to see where Josh Gates filmed. The Murphys have found friendship with MUFON’s Chase Kloetze and would like to end this article with a quote from her, "We the citizens of this great planet deserve the Truth as no one should own knowledge!" The Murphys goal is, “Let’s get it out there!” The Murphys’ story and scientific results of the MUFON investigation is expected to be reported in the November 2017 issue of the “MUFON Journal”. 

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