2020 Election candidates meet filing deadline

The filing period came to a close at noon on Tuesday for open positions of candidates in the 2020 Election. 

Open positions within Polk County included the eleven Justice of the Peace offices, all constable positions, position one and two with the Mena School Board, zone six of the Ouachita River School Board, and zones two and four of the Cossatot River School Board.

The following are contested races for Justice of the 


Peace and constable:

Justice of the Peace Dist. 3 incumbent Harold Coogan will face Levi Ellison; Justice of the Peace Dist. 5 incumbent Troy Lunsford will face Russell Scott Kiersey; Constable Eagle Township: Ray Hagler, Jimmy Titsworh, and Brett Ham; Constable Potter: Township James Richardson and Eddie Price.

In the Mena School Board race Mena School Board Position I, incumbent Todd Aynes will face Brandyn Gortemiller; Mena School Board Position 2, incumbent Robert “Robby” Hines will face Calvin Cummings.

Running for re-election uncontested with Justice of the Peace are: Chris Daniel, Justice of the Peace, Dist. 1; Jimmy D. Neugent, Justice of the Peace, Dist. 2; Margarett Elizabeth “Margo” Kimp, Justice of the Peace, Dist. 4; Terry Terrell, Justice of the Peace, District 6; Tommy Floyd Justice of the Peace Dist.t 7; Terry Scott, Justice of the Peace Dist. 8; Mitchell Tidwell, Justice of the Peace Dist.10; and Tawana Gilbert, Justice of the Peace Dist. 11.

Uncontested incumbent constables include: Gene Hendrix Constable Gap Springs Township; Kristopher Lyle Constable Acorn/Rich Mountain Township, Don “Cloud” Davis Constable Mountain Township.

Non-incumbents running without opposition include: Robert Hutcheson Constable Center Township; Bradley Garner Constable Fulton Township;  and Brad Frachiseur Constable  White Township.

Running for re-election uncontested with the Ouachita River School Board is Lana Philpot, Ouachita River School Board Zone 6.

Running for re-election uncontested with the Cossatot River School Board are Joshua N. Tadlock,  Cossatot River School Board Zone 2 and Nick Strother, Cossatot River School Board Zone 4.

Early voting for the March 3, 2020 primary election will begin Feb. 17, 2020. 

The 2020 general election will take place on Nov. 3 with early voting beginning on Oct. 19, 2020.

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