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The Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport Commission met for their January meeting on Monday, Jan. 11 at the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain conference room. After a brief discussion on financial statements and receivables, Airport Manager Fred Ogden provided his monthly report. “Fuel sales for the month of December 2020 were 6,466 gallons vs. 6,668 gallons in November. The December monthly average over the last eight years, including 2020, is 9,443 gallons. The monthly average for 2020 is 6,556 gallons vs. 9,542 gallons for December over the last eight years. Lower figures have been attributed to political uncertainty, COVID-19 and poor weather,” shared Ogden. He continued, “Fuel taxes distributed by the State and flowage fees for 2020 totaled $7,534.80 vs. $11,497.99 for 2019. Fuel flowage collected on the field was down by 24 percent and fuel taxes distributed by the State to the airport decreased by 44 percent.”

According to Ogden, punch list items for work on Taxiway B north of Taxiway A primarily consist of reseeding bare ground and restriping pavement. TEC and their subcontractors are expected to return late this week or early the week of January 17th to complete the work. Punch list for work on Taxiway B south of Taxiway A – primarily relocating the PAPI lights and demolishing the old PAPI bases and then reseeding, installing turf at the old PAPI location and between Taxiway B and Runway 35. As the final markings are made on runway 17/35 an anticipated three days of full closure will be in effect; however, runway 09/27 will still be in operation.

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