The annual Ouachita Quilt Show took place on Nov. 1-2 at the old armory located on De Queen Street. The following are a list of winners from the event as well as the VIP winners.

Ouachita Quilt Show winners are named for the following categories: Donation Quilt Winner, Jeri Breashears; Best of Show, Jane Pate, ‘Serenity’; People Choice: Mae Dell Sikes ‘Boston Commons’; VIP Awards – Arkansas State Representative, John Maddox, Peggy Shelley, ‘4 Patch Square’; Art Gallery, Sandra Hartley, ‘Dresden Plate’; A & P Commission, M S Graves, ‘Rejoyce’; Chamber of Commerce; Nancy Chandler, ‘Double Wedding Ring’; Chief of Police, Connie Williams, ‘Grandma’s Traveling Flower Garden’; Circuit Judge, Faye Martin, ‘Maroon Jewell’; City Attorney, Mae Dell Sikes, ‘Boston Commons’; County Clerk, Jane Pate, ‘Pretty Is’; County Judge, M S Graves, ‘The End of Summer’; County Sheriff, Martha Edwards, ‘Blue Danube’; Mayor of Mena, Jane Pate, ‘Serenity’; Mayor of Cove, Rebecca Romine, ‘Ugly Material’; Mayor of Hatfield, Diane Warren, ‘Snowflake’; Mayor Wickes, Faye Martin, ‘Ruby Night’; Prosecuting Attorney, Joyce Sanden, ‘Shirley Color Waves’; Mena Star, Jane Pate, ‘Camptown Ladies’; Mena Superintendent of Schools, Jeri Breashears, ‘Farm Sweet Farm’; Nimble Thimble Quilt Guild – Francis Hilton, ‘Pink on Pink’; Cookie Shelley, ‘A Cardinal Winter’; Susan Wilcher, ‘Pinecones and Logcabin’; Quilt Show Committee, M S Graves, ‘Asters’; Sharon Judkins, ‘Thank You Stars’; Sharon Judkins, ‘Row by Row’; Kathy Stucker, ‘Tanzania’; Francis Hilton, ‘Under the Big Top with Peace Signs’; Vendor’s Choice, Marty Smith, ‘Bellisimo’. 

Quilt Category Winners: Hand Pieced/Hand Quilted, 1st, Connie Williams, ‘Grandma’s Traveling Flower Garden’, 2nd, Jane Pate, ‘Camptown Ladies’, 3rd, M S Graves, ‘Flower Garden’; Hand Pieced/Machine Quilted, 1st, Nancy Chandler, ‘Double Wedding Ring’, 3rd, Elaine Graves, ‘Bull Run Nine Patch’; Machine Pieced/Hand Quilted, 1st, Sandra Hartley, ‘Brick Road’; Machine Pieced/Domestic Home Machine Quilted, 1st, Francis Hilton, ‘Linking Hearts’, 2nd, Francis Hilton, ‘Double Wedding Ring’, 3rd, Molly Lindsey, ‘Colored Feathers’; Machine Pieced/Long Arm All Over Quilted, 1st, Jane Pate, ‘Serenity’, 2nd, Nancy Philpot, ‘Civil War Trails’, 3rd, Faye Martin, ‘Maroon Jewell’; Machine Pieced/Long Arm Custom Quilted, 1st, Peggy Shelley, ‘Blue Breeze Variation’, 2nd, Peggy Shelley, ‘Grand Illusion’, 3rd, Peggy Shelley, ‘Friendship Star’; Machined Pieced/Long Arm Hand Guided, 1st, Cathy Breitenbach, ‘Star in Heaven’; 2nd, Cathy Breitenbach, ‘Hashtag Quilt’, 3rd, Jeri Breashears, ‘Farm Sweet Farm’; Hand Applique/Hand Quilted, 1st, Sharon Chambers, ‘Ice Crystals’, 2nd, Mae Dell Sikes, ‘Boston Commons’, 3rd, Sandra Hartley, ‘Dresden Plate’; Hand Applique/Machine Quilted, 2nd, Susan Wilcher, ‘Springtime Row Quilt’, 3rd, Elaine Graves, ‘Bull Run Nine Patch’; Wall Hanging/Hand Quilted, 1st, Sharon Chambers, ‘Folk Art’; Wall Hanging/Machine Quilted, 2nd, Susan Wilcher, ‘America The Beautiful’; Lap Quilt/Hand Quilted, 1st, Cathy Breitenbach, ‘Garden Baskets’, 2nd, Rebecca Romine, ‘Stephanies’ Quilt Guild Design; Lap Quilt/Machine Quilted, 1st, Nancy Jo Baker, ‘Heart&Hearth in My Log Cabin Home’, 2nd, Kaye Meacham Brown, ‘LeMoyne Star’, 3rd, Debra Lay, ‘Fall Cleanup’; Minature, 1st, Jane Pate, ‘Stars’; Baby Quilt, 1st, Kay Meacham Brown, ‘Puppy Pal’, 2nd, Debra Lay, ‘Foxy Baby’, 3rd, Sharon Chambers, ‘Rabbits’; Apparel, 1st, Francis Hilton, ‘Handbag’, 2nd, Stephanie  Povey, ‘Tote Bag’; Original Design, 1st, Judy McClara, ‘Jagged Little Pill’, 2nd, Rebecca Romine, ‘Lemonade’, 3rd, June Blaine, ‘Far Bands’; First Quilt, 2nd, Rhonda Harvey, ‘The Tumbler’; Group Quilt, 1st, Nancy Philpot, ‘Friendship in Purple’; Embroidered Quilt Hand/Machine Quilted, 1st, Jeri Breashears, ‘My first applique & embroidered quilt’, 2nd, Jeri Breashears, ‘Farm Sweet Farm’; Home Décor, 1st, Jane Pate, ‘Pumpkins’, 2nd, Debra Lay, ‘Christmas Candles’, 3rd, Debra Lay, ‘Placemats’; Art Quilt/Embellishments, 1st, Debra Lay, ‘Its Fair Time’. 

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