Mena Utilities

With a 4-0 vote by the Mena Water Utilities Commission Meeting on Monday, July 27, a motion was carried for the purchase of a crew cab from Mena Ford to add to the existing fleet of work vehicles with the Mena Utilities Department.

Charles Pitman, General Manager of Mena Water Utilities, shared with the commissioners the need of purchasing a work truck. With the current fleet of vehicles, one has approached the 200,000 mile mark while another vehicle is in the shop awaiting repair. Through the savings of the department in personnel, an estimated $30,000 would be available for application for the purchase. The $30,000 is equivalent to the salary plus benefit of one employee during the current budget period shared Pitman. by adding the vehicle in rotation, the department will also see a reduction in costs when crews are on the road for training purposes. The crew cab would be able to transport four to five crew members eliminating the use of multiple vehicles or mileage reimbursement when personal vehicles are utilized. Once the new truck has been purchased, an estimated time of four to six weeks has been determined for its arrival. The motion for the purchase was made in the amount of $27,000.

A motion was also carried by the commission allowing Pitman to move forward in negotiations with a land owner in the purchase of acreage for the new Waster Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The proposed WWTP would occupy an estimate five acres; however, the landowner is requesting the purchase of either a 40 or 33 acre tract. Before a decision is made for the purchase an approval must be made by the commission by research of cost and the establishment of the fair market value of the plot with an appraisal. Discussion will also be made in terms of the plans the department will have with the excess acreage should the 40 or 33 acre tracts be purchased. With two creeks located on the property, a suggestion was made of the possibility of supplementing the purchased cost by leasing the farmland.

Pitman agreed to approach the landowner in the near future.

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