During the Mena City Council held on the evening of Tuesday, August, the Council approved a resolution authorizing the Mayor, City/Clerk Treasurer, and City Attorney to execute a grant agreement with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration in the amount of $149,000 for the design phase of Runway 17-35 surface rehabilitation at Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport and authorizing the Mena Airport Commission to enter into a contract with Garver Engineers to oversee the project. An Ordinance amending the 2019 Budget ordinance No. 2295 was approved as well as a resolution authorizing the City/Clerk Treasurer to destroy outdated Advertising and Promotion Commission Records and Supporting Documents that are no longer needed for city business. 

Three contractors submitted bids for the 2019 sidewalk improvement program; however, one contractor was disqualified due to no bond or liability insurance information provided with their bid. The remaining contractors were Glennaire Construction, Inc. and Tri County Services. Mayor Seth Smith announced the low bidder was Tri County Services with a bid of $45,542 compared to the $46,227.10 submitted by Glennaire Construction. The bid was awarded to Tri County Services.

Fred Ogden, Mena Intermountain Airport Manager reported that it was going well at the airport. “With the stop of rain, more traffic and more fuel sales and the new taxiway is approximately 70 percent completed,” Said Ogden. He continued, “They have the large sections done (of the taxi way) and are now working on the cross over parts. The new apron is going well with the base rock and the concrete ditch completed. We are waiting for the remainder to be paved.”

Kevin Wolfenbarger, City of Mena Building Official,  reported 21 permits were issued totaling $867.75.

“We have made progress on the dirt work on the new assisted living facility site … we are just waiting on permits to continue,” said Wolfenbarger.

Mena Fire Chief Steve Egger shared during the month of July the Department had nine incidents: two aircraft standbys, two gas leaks, one structure fire, one mutual aid fire call, one auto extrication, one good intent call, and one service call. “The Department also attended one public relations event and spent a few evenings delivering water to sod at Tapley Park. Three fire safety inspections were also completed during the month of July,” said Egger.

“For the month of July we had 3,327 out-patient procedures, saw 2,112 people in the clinic system, performed 108 surgeries, cared for 754 in the emergency room, delivered 23 babies, and admitted 149 people to the hospital,” shared Jay Quebedeaux, CEO of Mena Regional Health Systems.

Parks and Recreational Director Philip Lance reported that regular maintenance continues at Aubrey-Tapley Park, Youth soccer league is scheduled to open on August 1, and the UARM soccer teams were utilizing the fields for practice.  Lance shared the last full day of operation for the pool August 12 but will remain open during the weekend until Labor Day.

According to Mena Police Chief Tommy Stueart, the department answered  312 calls for services, had 91arrest, issued 200 warnings, and worked 21 accidents.

Charles Pittman with Mena Water Utilities reported a water loss of 29.5 percent, leak detection deliver

Wastewater treatment plant had two permit violations, two water services by maintenance department  one sewer rehab project, and 13 repairs. Pittman stated that the leak detection device was arriving on August 14.

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