Mena Airport soars through Airport System Plan update

The Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport, MEZ, received favorable results during a recent Arkansas Department of Aeronautics Economic Impact report. 

According to the report, the Mena Airport has been classified as a Level 4 out of five levels. A Level 4 airport has facilities and services that serve a notable percentage of aircraft in the business/ corporate jet fleet. They primarily serve general aviation needs, but some may also serve other types of demand. 

Fred Ogden shared with the Airport Commission during the June 17 meeting the possibility of the Mena Airport reaching a Level 5 status; which means the airport was equipped to serve all businesses/corporate jets with the ability to accommodate scheduled airline and air cargo activity. The system levels are used to evaluate the performances of individual airports in terms of how they contribute to the system and assess what facility and service improvements would enhance the over all system. 

Within the report, the First Round Impact was at $29,869,000 with a second impact of $18,036. 

Employment generated from the total airport impact was 739 jobs. The number 739 does not reflect the actual number of persons on the job sire but rather the number of jobs impacted by the presence of the airport. 

The generated payroll from the airport was calculated at $14,739,000. 

“That is a significant number we each should memorize,” said commissioner Jeff Montgomery. He continued, “Some of the people do not understand the value of the airport. Roughly 94 percent of every dollar within that sum is coming from outside of our community.” Commissioner Sr. Phillip Wilson agreed and stated that was dollars “coming directly in.” 

The dollars received are the economic driver which allows for additional grants to be awarded. 

The ADA commissioned the study of the Statewide Airport System Plan Update to tabulate numerous ways in which the airport system provides benefits to people and business of Arkansas. 

Fuels sales for the month of May were 9, 277 gallons. Repair of potholes will be completed this week at Taxiway C2.

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