HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Alliance Rubber Company announced immediate availability of Non-Latex™ Tourniquets with Antimicrobial Protection, providing healthcare, laboratory, and medical facilities shorter lead times and fresher stock from a domestic source. This product is being offered in addition to their line of Healthcare and Medical Facility items made with non-latex and antimicrobial properties.

Recent studies have concluded that reusing tourniquets could potentially spread bacterial microorganisms in various healthcare settings. Further studies have also determined that hospital staff performing venipuncture do not always comply with hospital hand hygiene and tourniquet washing and disinfection guidelines.

To further complicate the issue, officials are expressing concern over possible medical device and pharmaceutical shortages from China-based suppliers in relation to the rapidly spreading Coronavirus making its way to communities around the world.

Product Availability

Non-Latex® Tourniquets with Antimicrobial Product Protection are the ideal product for those looking to provide the ultimate protection for latex sensitive patients and hospital staff. Having a domestic supplier for these products will also ensure that tourniquets are always available, and not being reused. Which will help to prevent further spread of harmful microorganisms.

Founded in 1923, Alliance Rubber Company provides over 2,200 different SKU's of products to 55 countries. Now celebrating 97 years in business, and in their third generation of family ownership, Alliance prides itself on being an American Made manufacturer offering faster service, fresher stock, and consistent top quality.

*This product does not protect users from food borne or disease-causing microorganisms and is not safe for direct food contact.

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Misty Smith, Creative Director

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